Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Crasian?

Adjuctive [Krey-Shun]: “Crazy + Asian” – Any Asian person who partakes in random and/or crazy activity. There are only a couple of things Tom loves more than beer and that is his Crasian wife Michele.

What is a Tasting Room?

The primary feature of a tasting room is for guests to sample beer (via a “Flight” of Beer which consists of 5 small glasses of different beers for $12) and/or order a pint to stay or grab some beer to go. Our staff has been trained in the knowledge of the products and production, who can answer guests questions. Often the owners are there to meet guests, answer questions, and pour beers.

*Walk-up Bar or Counter Service involves providing drinks at a counter or bar, rather than at a table. You order at the register and they pour your beers on the spot. This is very typical in a Tasting Room setting.

Where can I park?

There is street parking in front of the building as well as along the side street (South Street). Brookston also has a public parking lot just one block over next to Casey’s.

Do you serve food?

We have a small menu of pizzas for dine-in. *While we don’t do a “call-in for carry-out” type of order if you decide you want to take a pizza home after visiting and enjoying our beer, we are happy to make it to go.*

Do you sell other beer, wine, cider, meads, or spirits?

We are only licensed to sell malt beverages we handcraft in our brewhouse. Laws are silly and unfortunately, we can not retail any other alcoholic beverages nor are we licensed to make any other type of alcoholic beverages. We do have small menu of craft N/A options.

Are Children Allowed?

Our Tasting Room and Outdoor Patio are only open to customers who are 21 and over.

*Since we are not a restaurant with a retail alcohol license (which is why we can not sell any other alcoholic beverages produced by other vendors) the new law does not pertain to our establishment.

Are Dogs Allowed?

While we will allow documented service animals entry into our taproom, we can not allow your favorite (undocumented) pooch entry. However, you are more than welcome to show them pictures of your visit as soon as you return home. *During outdoor patio season, you may bring your dog with you to enjoy the outdoor space out back. Dogs must be leashed at all times. Water bowls are provided upon request. There is a potty area with poop bags for you to easily clean up after your pet.

Do you fill Growlers?

Yes! Growler fills are $15 (Does not include Premium Beers). You must bring in your own growler. Here is our Growler Policy:

  • Growlers are for takeaway only. Please do not jeopardize our liquor license and your invitation back to the brewery by opening a growler in the tasting room.
  • We fill other breweries’ growlers.
  • Growlers brought in for refill must be clean. We are not responsible for cleaning your growler.
  • Not all beers will be available for growler fills at all times.

Do you offer Free Wi-Fi?

Yes, we do. Free Wi-Fi is offered to all of our customers.

Do you allow Groups/Private Events/Party Bus or take Reservations?

No, we do not. We have limited space and do not have the staff or space to handle large unexpected groups. Any tour/party buses, limousines, party groups, bachelor or bachelorette parties, etc. are NOT allowed unless prior arrangements have been made directly with one of the owners or the Tasting Room manager.

Is this a smoking establishment?

We are not. This applies to all tobacco products and e-cigarettes. By law you must smoke at least 8 feet from any doorway. *During outdoor patio season we do have a designated smoking area out back.

What forms of payment do you accept?

In addition to cash, we also accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Do you sell Kegs to customers?

At this time, kegs are available only to our Coaster Club & Rickshaw Rider Club members.

Where can I get Crasian Brewing Company’s beer?

All of our beers and brewed on-site for on-site consumption in our tasting room and for growler and Crowler carry out. You can also find us on draft at locations around Carroll, White and Tippecanoe Counties in Indiana.