The Beer

Our brewing style is simple and keeping with traditional brewing methods. We are not trying to reinvent the wheel; we just want to make good solid beers for people of all walks of life to enjoy. We source the majority of our malts and hops from Indiana suppliers. No matter where you are in your craft beer evolution we will have a beer for you and the time to answer any questions you might have.

$5 Pint / $2.00 6oz. Sample / $5 *Premium 10oz. / $10 Flight (Choice of 5 Beers) / $10 Growler Fills (Does not include Premium, Seasonal or One-Offs) / $8 Crowler 32 oz Aluminum Can

Super Moon IPA

IPA • 5.2% ABV • 76 IBU

First brewed on the night of the Super Moon, this IPA features Simcoe, Cascade, Columbus & Centennial hops and just the right amount of malt to makes this an extremely drinkable IPA. *Only available in 4 packs (16 oz cans) to go*

Available now

Harold’s Honey Red Ale

Red Ale • 5.2% ABV • 23 IBU

Brewed with fresh honey harvested by our buddy Harold in Battleground, Indiana. We love Harold’s honey so much, we named the beer after it. This ruby colored ale has a moderate malty sweetness, hints of honey, and roasty undertones. The base malts are from Sugar Creek Malt in Lebanon, IN and the hops are sourced within Indiana. Your friends will agree, this beer is both tasty and refreshing! *Also available in 4 packs of 16 oz cans to go for $11.99*

Available now

Bub’s Hi-Yah Oatmeal Stout

Oatmeal Stout • 5.7 ABV • 35 IBU

An ode to our son, nicknamed “Bub”, who as a young boy was very precocious. His misuse of karate lessons got him into big trouble! This full-bodied stout offers roasted, chocolate and caramel notes that make this cream stout incredibly easy to drink.

Available now

Springboro Maple Brown

Brown Ale • 6.3 ABV • 35 IBU

We made a delicious brown ale made with fresh maple syrup from Springboro Tree Farm right here in Brookston, Indiana. We introduced the syrup late in the process so that it would retain its rich sweet delicious flavor. Bottles of this maple syrup is also for sale in our tasting room for $8.

Available now

Blind Squirrel

Smoked Porter • 6.3 ABV • 38 IBU

Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while….we made this American porter with smoked malts from Sugar Creek Malt. The malts were smoked with maple wood to give a wonderful smoked flavor that provides a complex but pleasant aroma with a smooth finish.

Available now

Mizo Craft Hard Seltzer - Black Cherry

Craft Hard Seltzer • 4.6% ABV • 0 IBU

This is not your grocery store seltzer; this is Craft Hard Seltzer! This seltzer is made using a natural fermentation process and is unfiltered. Bubbly and dry with subtle wine notes.

Black Cherry - Black cherry flavor offers a true classic cherry sweetness taste. This flavor with its rich taste and pleasant aroma leaves your taste buds craving for more.

*Only Available in 4 pack 16 oz cans for To Go Carry Out $11.99 or Single Cans in the Tasting Room $4

Available now

Going Bonkers

Belgium Pale Ale • 5 ABV • 25 IBU

It’s fantastically crisp with light notes of Belgian yeast, honey, and clove. Everything is subtle and amazingly drinkable

Available now

Cassy Girl

American Pale Ale • 5% ABV • 25 IBU

Bright American pale ale made with lots of Cascade hops and named after our new puppy Cassy (registered name: Cascade Hops)

Available now


Hazy IPA • 6.3 ABV • 81 IBU

We are celebrating Michele’s 50th Birthday with a beer release! Gojuu Hazy IPA (Gojuu means 50 in Japanese) is a beautiful opaque orange-yellow IPA with floral aromas of lime zest, grapefruit peel, and candied orange. Juicy, hop-driven flavors of citrus and melon balanced with medium bitterness

Available now

Beach Daze

Hazy IPA • 5.5% ABV • 60 IBU

This IPA will remind you of lazy days on the beach. It’s a wonderful blend of tropical aromas and flavors. Light and beautiful and oh so easy to drink.

Available now