The Beer

Updated 11/14/2023

Our brewing style is simple and keeps with traditional brewing methods. We are not trying to reinvent the wheel; we just want to make good solid beers for people from all walks of life to enjoy. We source the majority of our malts and hops from Indiana suppliers. No matter where you are in your craft beer evolution we will have a beer for you and the time to answer any questions you might have.

*IBC = Indiana Brewers Cup Winner

$6.00 Pint / $3.00 6oz. Sample / $6.00 *Premium 10oz. / $12 Flight (Choice of 5 Beers) / $15 Growler Fills (Does not include Premium, Seasonal or One-Offs) / $8 Crowler 32 oz Aluminum Can

Harold’s Honey Red Ale

Red Ale • 5% ABV • 23 IBU

🥈 2022 IBC, 🥉 2021 IBC - Brewed with fresh honey harvested by our buddy Harold in Battleground, Indiana. We love Harold’s honey so much, we named the beer after it. This ruby colored ale has a moderate malty sweetness, hints of honey, and roasty undertones. The base malts are from Sugar Creek Malt in Lebanon, IN and the hops are sourced within Indiana. Your friends will agree, this beer is both tasty and refreshing! *Also available in 4 packs of 16 oz cans to go for $11.99*

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American IPA • 5.7% ABV • 68 IBU

This IPA is brimming with fresh hops that were grown in our backyard on our Pergola. Our Chinook, Centennial, and Cascade hops give you some wonderful citrus flavors and aromas.

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Blind Squirrel

Smoked Porter • 6.3% ABV • 38 IBU

🥈2023 IBC, 🥈2021 IBC - Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while….we made this American porter with smoked malts from Sugar Creek Malt. The malts were smoked with apple wood to give a wonderful smoked flavor that provides a complex but pleasant aroma with a smooth finish.

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Loco Hiroko

Jalapeno Cream Ale • 5.2% ABV • 24 IBU

🥈2023 IBC, 🥉 2022 IBC - Our Jalapeño Cream Ale is in a class of its own. We start by brewing a highly refreshing cream ale, and then add in a hefty dose of fresh-picked and roasted jalapeño peppers. It’s named after Michele’s crazy mom, Hiroko, who loves all things spicy.

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Nick's Double Chocolate

Milk Stout • 6.2% ABV • 35 IBU

Our good friend Nick loves beer and brewing with Tom whenever he is in town. He inspired this chocolaty concoction we bring to you. Brewed with chocolate malts and dark chocolate, then infused with liquid cacao after fermentation. Its nice light mouthfeel is smooth and rich. *Contains Lactose

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Group Therapy

Cream Ale • 5% ABV • 24 IBU

We all need a little Group Therapy! Named after our favorite local band, this easy-drinking beer goes down smooth and easy.

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Firebaugh Lake

American IPA • 6.3 ABV • 54 IBU

Beautiful, light, and refreshing IPA brewed with Simcoe & Mosaic hops. Named after our two friends, Mr. Firebaugh and Mr. Lake, who spent countless hours helping us during the build-out. Mr. Firebaught is to thank for the high top table bases and Mr. Lake, the fence around the brewhouse (among several other projects they helped with).

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Sour Rangers - Black

Blackberry Sour Ale • 4.9% ABV • 12 IBU

It is the second in a series of fruited sour beers (each Power Ranger color will represent a fruit flavor). A “Sour” is a beer that has an intentionally acidic, tart, or sour taste. It is a style that Craft Beer aficionados love and many non-beer drinkers as well.

This is made with a new strain of yeast (Philly Sour) with a cool story. It is derived from a recently discovered species of wild yeast isolated off of a dogwood tree in The Woodlands Park graveyard by the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. Philly is not a Saccharomyces yeast but a novel Lachancea yeast species.

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Here's To Us

Hibiscus Wheat Ale • 4.4% ABV • 25 IBU

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, our awesome friend Carey, and the Jessica Stevens Memorial Foundation we bring you this Hibiscus Wheat Ale.

This was a collaboration brew day that Tom brewed with Carey who lost his wife, Jessica, to breast cancer. Michele is a member of the Jessica Stevens Memorial Foundation and Crasian Brewing Company will be donating proceeds of this brew to this wonderful local foundation that provides scholarships to local high school students (White & Carroll Counties).

A vibrant and refreshing beer that combines a medley of natural flavors to create a truly unique and tantalizing brew. The infusion of hibiscus petals imparts a delightful tartness and a brilliant pink hue, setting the stage for a refreshing and slightly tangy flavor profile. Zesty orange peel adds a bright citrusy kick, complementing the hibiscus beautifully, while the addition of rose hips introduces subtle floral notes, creating a harmonious and delicate complexity.

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Synergy IPA

IPA • 6.3% ABV • 65 IBU

One year ago this week in 2022 we had 22 days to move our entire brewery & tasting room to our current location. It took the efforts of Team Crasian, the hardware store team, and our amazing customers & friends to make it happen - True Synergy! Beautiful and oh-so delicious! Citra and El Dorado hops impart the aroma and flavors of tropical fruits.

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Alt-erior Motive

Altbier • 5% ABV • 33 IBU

What is an Altbier? In German “alt” means old. This is meant as an allusion to the older style of brewing, using top-fermenting yeast, which is much older than bottom-fermenting lager yeast. But, “old” also accurately describes the evolution of this style over the centuries leading up to the first use of its name in 1838. Alt also — and this is obviously pure coincidence, but still worth noting — could also describe an alternative beer to the lagers; the driving force behind the alt style as it is understood today.

Its balanced taste appeals to both ale and lager enthusiasts, offering a harmonious bridge between the two beer styles. There is a delicate balance between bitterness and sweetness. One of the standout characteristics of an Altbier is its maltiness. The malt flavors are complex, with hints of caramel and biscuit. It gives the beer a rich and slightly sweet taste that is quite enjoyable.

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